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Entrepreneurship is inherent in all of us – 4.5 lies we tell ourselves.

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Human beings are a funny bunch. We watch mind numbing TV, listen and act on advice given by non industry experts and generally believe the pessimist more than the optimist. Having a major in Cognitive Psychology, part of my studies revolved around cognitive functions. Simply put, I studied thought and what makes us believe stuff.

” Entrepreneurship ” is a misleading word albeit a difficult one to spell. Many peoplehear this word they immediately think of #Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and #Richard Branson. We think in terms of millions and billions and huge corporate offices around the world. For the most part people see Entrepreneurship as a physical finality rather than a process of becoming. How do you determine this concept? The views differ but the fundamentals are the same. Before we get deeper into this, lets examine the lies we tell ourselves why we cant become Entrepreneurs.

I am not smart enough – This is a common one. Smartness is not a pre-requisite to success in anything even business. Intelligence is far more the ability to solve problems than anything else. Good problem solvers are always seen as these intelligent people that have a higher brain function. Great problem solvers / intelligent people have become this way from plenty of practice!

I am not creative enough – Many believe creativity and entrepreneurship to be a coupling that equals success. Creativity is having unique ideas. Interestingly enough most of the richest entrepreneurs of today didn’t do anything original. They took an existing idea or product and made it better. Personally I don’t see Bill Gates as creative but he sure knows how to solve problems!

I have no money – Having money is required for certain ideas and concepts but it isn’t a deal breaker. I have helped entrepreneurs get their business’ off the ground with hardly any money. Using the principles of trade our ancestors used works like magic. People always consider a service trade as good as money! Think of how to leverage your services for the services of another you need…

Its a major risk and I have bills to pay. This is true and hard to refute. We all have bills to pay and as responsible adults we need to make sure our families are taken car off. The real essence of risk is summed up well by Warren Buffett:

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”.

Risk is fear without confidence and knowledge. Before you venture forth do what millions do. They first start the concept or project while working a normal job. If it takes off then there is no risk! Some people jump in head first and others are cautious. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on, do what feels right BUT please DO something.


Entrepreneurship is not a finality. It is a mindset. A way of seeing the world around you. Its not about seeing the glass half full or half empty but rather seeing the glass, the water and the table its sitting on! Entrepreneurship lights the soul on fire and brings passion to each corner of our minds. Gone are the days of JOB security in a world of such instability and economic tug of war. I always encourage people to begin seeing through the lies we tell ourselves and wake up to a beautiful sunny morning of potential and mental clarity that is in my opinion our birthright.

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