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Top 3 qualities of a successful Entrepreneur

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I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting and learning from many people from all walks of life that have both succeeded and failed in business. Those that have failed I have seen eventually rise like a phoenix from the burnt ashes of defeat and become something great. There is commonality in each person no matter the cultural or personality difference. The funny thing is that most posts and articles talk of high worded skill sets when really the absolute foundation is what I have found. An Entrepreneur is just like you and me but with a dash of something extra!

Dogged determination to succeed with a dash of planning

That “I will succeed no matter what happens “attitude is the stuff legends are made from! Look at guys like Sylvester Stallone, his story is tear jerking but it is a testament to the absolute and granite like determination to make it against all odds. Never giving up isn’t a one-time thing, EVEN if you strike out [and this happens to the best of us] and you get a job to recover BUT you try again and again until you get it right is what determination is all about!. That’s what winning is!

Resilience to setback with a PHD in problem solving

The successful and powerful seem to have crocodile skin. This wasn’t always the case for them though. Going through life trying to build a business and all the lovely stress and strain that comes with it develops a thicker skin on your back. Together with resilience I have found these pioneers of business also have excellent problem solving abilities which is crucial when considering all the variables and challenges life can throw at you! Fighting for a deal or fighting for a clients account or to simply impact the market takes resilience and a tough hide. Problem solving allows you to forge ahead even when everything is telling you to STOP and give up.

Attitude and focus of an Olympic gold medalist

Attitude and focus like and Olympic athlete running his heart out for Gold… anyone say Usain Bolt! Successful business owners have such pin point focus that many people cannot understand. It takes the mental toughness of an Olympian to plan and execute business decisions and run with them even in the face of potential failure. Starting a business is much more risk than anything else and without the mental and emotional fortitude to stay the course it won’t break ground.

To me these 3 qualities are the bedrock of the personality required to be successful in business especially with start-ups. All other skills and talents need to germinate in this bedrock of potential first and foremost. I appreciate any and all feedback and PLEASE if this post is useful to you please share kindly…

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