Disability Cover

A disability is not a life sentence. It is a change to the physical form or mental form or both. Many people are able to be fully functional contributing members of society with a disability. Some though are in need of 24 hour care or medical assistance. A person can become disabled simply by diving into a pool wrong on a hot summer’s day, or they could be severely injured in a motor vehicle accident. an illness could leave a person disabled for life or temporarily. We cannot go about our lives wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that nothing will ever happen to us.

Disability Cover will at least help in the instance of a disability. If disabled we might no longer be able to earn our regular income, but will still have to compensate for the loss in income somehow as well as pay for the adjustment in living. Disability Cover has many options available to the insured:

  • Lump Sum disability and or Physical Impairment
  • Temporary Income Protection
  • Full Income Protection

Further options are available and are company specific. These could cover own occupation or similar and straight impairment cover. The broker will be best to clarify the options available.

Amber Wealth strive to ensure that each client has the correct cover available to them in the event of disability.

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